Smart Cat Peek-a-Prize interactive cat toy


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Peek-a-Prize Toy Box with 2 Toys – 14″ square. Features and Benefits: Sturdy wood construction and cat-friendly design will provide your cat with years of enjoyment. Since cats are natural predators, they love to hunt! The toy box allows cats to “capture” their toys by fishing them out of strategically placed access holes. Indoor-only cats have a special need for stimulating activities that will keep them mentally and physically fit. When interactive play with the owner is not possible, your smart cat needs suitable toys for solo play. For food-motivated cats, drop kitty treats into the toy box for your cat to retrieve and eat. Bored cats are unhappy cats and are prone to stress-related behavior problems. Beat the kitty blahs with a SmartCatâ„¢ “Peek a Prize” toy box.


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