Dog Wash & Spa

Each self-service bath includes your choice of shampoo and conditioner, along with brushes and a comb, unlimited towels and shammies, ear wipes, smell-good sprays, and fast-dry spray.  Each tub is elevated, has temperature regulated water, and a two-speed low heat hair dryer.

The cost for all this? Only $15 per dog.

We have a variety of additional treatments available including deshedding and detick/deflea treatments, coconut oil and super moisture treatments, self-dental treatments, blueberry facials and a botanical foot bath.  There is a small additional cost for these treatments.

Discounted wash packages are available and we offer a one-time discount on new adoptees from local shelter and rescues.  Look in your adoption packet for details or bring by a copy of your adoption certificate (within 3 months of adoption).

6And as always, all of our shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are all-natural, botanical, and specifically designed for use on pets. We use products from EQyss, South Bark, Show Season, Mad About Organics, Green Groom, and EarthBath.

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Additional treatments:

• Deshedding: $5
• Detick/deflea: $5
• Deskunk: $10
• Manual toothbrush: $3
• Water pik: $10-20
• Botanical foot bath: $5
• Nail trim: $10 (includes filing) **
• Nail polish: $5 **
• Anal Glands: $10 **

**Walk-ins welcome 1-3 p.m. Saturdays