Allerpet/D solution for Dogs 12oz


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Love more and sneeze less with the Allerpet Dog Dander Remover. Created specifically for homes with dogs, this treatment allows you to love them as unconditionally as they love you.

The scientifically-proven formula works by simply removing the dander before it becomes airborne, while cleansing and conditioning the skin and fur.

Easily applied by dampening a towel with Allerpet and thoroughly wiping the animal, it can reduce dander loads in the home by up to 50% when used weekly—no bathing required, which will keep your pet’s skin from getting dry and flaky and spreading even more allergens.

– Removes dog dander while cleansing and conditioning the fur, making pet ownership possible for allergy sufferers.
– Scientifically proven to reduce dander loads by 50% with a weekly application, or every three to four days for best results.
– Non-toxic and non-oily, it will not leave a residue that attracts more allergens, and is safe for pets 10 weeks and older.
– Apply on a cloth and rub through your dog’s coat. No baths required!
– Special formula is made for homes with dogs and recommended by vets and allergists.


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