Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp

We saw a need for good quality doggie day care, so we got the crazy idea to do it ourselves!  Deer Creek opened its doors in 2015 with the idea that there’s more to doggie daycare than just warehousing dogs.  By incorporating structured socialization and play into each day here at the Camp, we keep the ratios of dogs (Campers) to humans (Counselors) low to prevent possible issues and our Counselors are highly trained in off-leash dog play, evaluation, and canine behavior and body language.

Busch’s Kennel

My parents’ boarding kennel. My parents raised beagles and showed professionally for almost 40 years. The kennel has been in continuous operation for over 44 years, boarding dogs and cats for local pet owners.  We also now offer shuttle service between the doggie day care and the kennel, so dogs can have even more opportunities for fun while their owners are out of town!

SEMO Food Bank/Howie’s Harvest

We work exclusively with the local (human) food bank to provide healthy, nutritious pet food to families in need.  Before Howie’s Harvest pet food bank opened, there were no opportunities for families to provide for their furry family members.  They often resorted to using their own food to feed their family pets.  We accept monetary donations and host special events that pay for good quality dog and cat food that can in turn be sent to the Food Bank for distribution at their events.

Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

Our local humane shelter.  They are not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States and rely exclusively on donations to stay open.

Greyhound Pet of America (Cape Girardeau chapter)

This local Greyhound placement group serves the southeast Missouri and southern Illinois areas. They bring in some wonderful dogs from tracks all over the country.

Bollinger County Stray Project

Founded in 2007 by Bollinger County Veterinarian Service and area rescue/foster volunteers because there were no shelters in Bollinger County, Missouri.

Athletes for Animals

A great organization founded by former St. Louis Blues’ player David Backes and his wife, Kelly. They have many years’ experience in rescue and shelter work and this organization helps other shelters with grants and promotion. Let’s go Blues!

Busch Pet Products merchandise

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